How to become E-Squared

How do you become E2?  

To become E-Squared you must participate in all 5 of the following events:
Hosting 1:1s
This Professional Development will position you to take control of your referral relationships and teach you a step-by-step procedure for efficient one-to-one meetings. It will prepare you to know how to nurture long-lasting relationships with your members and it will be a fun networking opportunity with dynamic, energetic and like-minded professionals.
Weekly Presentations
This Professional Development event will double the impact of your weekly presentations and provide a procedure to create effective weekly presentations. It will help your referral partners know what to say when they find a referral for you and will be a fun networking opportunity with dynamic, energetic, and like-minded professionals.
Featured Presentations
This professional development will make it easy to create powerful and results-driven presentations, provide detailed outlines to help you craft effective Feature Presentations, help you make it comfortable for your referral partners to bring you up in conversation and be a fun networking opportunity with dynamic, energetic and like-minded professionals.
Generating Referrals
This Professional Development will help create distinctions between passive, active and proactive referral generation. It will teach you how to give and receive more referrals and help you develop an action plan to motivate your referral partners to pass you more business.
Powering Up Power Teams Professional Development helps take member’s experience in BNI to the next level with respect to exponentially making more money by identifying people who can pass them business all day every day.  This session exposes members to a methodology and process to create and then work with their Power Team members towards the creation of results.  
Find these events in the EVENTS CALENDAR!


Once you have completed all prerequisite courses, you can submit this application to receive E-Squared recogniton!


E-Squared Recognition Award


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